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July 2, 2017  • 

Hello and welcome to Pretty Content! I’m Aisling, and I’m super excited to launch Pretty Content – Brighton web design for small businesses and bloggers! I’ve been designing and developing websites, building brands and working in marketing agencies for over six years. Now, I’ve decided to start offering these services to entrepreneurs such a small business owners and bloggers.

When I’m not designing, I blog over on Anthologie. Through many years of writing, I have found a love for designing blogs. Pretty Content will be expanding into pre-made WordPress themes later in 2017.

Until then, I will be blogging here about:

How To…: Everything you need to know about designing and coding your website.

Design Trends: Keep on top of the latest trends in web design to keep your website looking fresh.

Accessibility Guides: The Internet is for everyone, regardless of ability. These posts will show you how to make a website accessible to a greater number of people.

Recommendations: My tips and recommendations for all the tools you may need in your web journey.

And, of course, general posts on running a website or blog. If you have any questions related to web or blog design, let me know!

Pretty Content is also sponsoring the Best New Blogger award at the Bloggers Blog Awards! The winner will receive a custom WordPress theme designed by Pretty Content. I’m super excited to work with the winner to make their blog design dreams come true.

Thanks to everyone who has given me great feedback and support thus far!

Thank you for reading!

I’d love if you’d leave a comment and join the conversation! Also, if you found this post useful, please share it on social media (and/or you could buy me a little chai latte to fuel further post writing!)

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