Skip Social: Invest in Your Website!

July 23, 2017  • 

I’ve been blogging and making websites for over half of my life. That’s over 17 years of life spent on the Internet. Free web builders, photo sharing apps, CMSes and social media sites have come and gone. Only one thing has been consistent on my time on the web: having a website. Which is why I think influencers need to look beyond social platforms owned by third parties. You need to invest in your website!

We all remember when MySpace was king. But what about Instagram’s predecessor, Hipstamatic? Do you remember building a website on Geocities? Now it’s lost to the void. Even recently, Photobucket has moved to a paid service, with many losing access to their images.

With third-party programs, so much is left up to chance. Your presence relies on the decisions of others. We need to only look as far as the changes Instagram has made with their algorithm to see how engagement is being lost in favour of a platform’s own profitability.

When you upload images and text to platforms such as Instagram, all that content exists on Instagram’s server. Who knows where it will end up when Instagram ceases to exist?

[bctt tweet=” Investing in growing an audience on a platform that you do not own is risky.” username=”prettycontentco”]

Suddenly, we’re seeing a resurgence of email newsletters. The reason for this? More and more people are realising how fickle the world of web startups can be. More people are realising that investing in growing an audience on a platform that you do not own is risky.

Your website is forever. You can guarantee ownership of your content and all of your assets. That’s why it’s important to invest in your website! Focus on creating content for your audience to build a hub that your social profiles supplement – not replace. A professional brand and layout are essential to creating a centralized location for you and your audience.

[bctt tweet=”Why work to gain followers on Instagram for only 10% of that audience to see your content?” username=”prettycontentco”]

Sure, social media apps do give you a boost by already having an audience available for you to capitalize on. But what good is working to gain over 10K followers on Instagram for only 10% of that audience to see your content due to algorithm changes? Essentially, building an audience on a social media platform – without leveraging it to build an audience for your website – is lining the pockets of a tech giant, instead of your own.

Put yourself and your brand first. If you’d like to learn more and invest in your website, get in touch!

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  • This is totes outing my age but I do remember GeoCities! I may even remember when flashing HTML text was cool. (Okay; that’s a lie. It was never cool. It was just one of those things people did to show off their alleged skills.) It’s a good point. As is this: always run regular backups! 😉 x