Thinking Outside The Box

October 3, 2017  • 

Web design is constantly evolving. Trends come and go. I remember when the hottest thing in blogging was to change your layout every week with a different badly-made blend using (technically stolen) celebrity images. Design also used to be a lot more fluid, with a lot fewer rules. For a few years, we solidified some rules, and for a long time, all things design were ruled by strict grids and symmetry.

Now, we’re loosening up and becoming a bit more creative again. Of course, grids are always an important aspect of a good design (they assist with Alignment, which is a key design principle after all). But more and more we’re seeing people “thinking outside the box” to use a very cliché term. People are letting go and breaking the grid a bit for a more editorial style that stands out.

Even my new website is inspired by this style!

Over the past six years as a designer (and longer as a design student and design lover), I’ve noticed how the design trends in general web design eventually filter into blog design. I’ve seen very few, small peeks of this trend filtering into the blog world already! My Design Trends series is meant to bring the cutting edge trends of the design community to small businesses and bloggers – allowing you and your brand to stay en vogue as trends evolve and change.

Here are a few examples of some box breaking to add interest to a design!


Lola Hoad


Intours DMC

Callie Thorpe


I definitely think we’re going to be continue down this path of slight-deconstruction for an almost-scrapbook-like feel, and I think these unique touches are incredibly important for brands that want to look a bit different from the standard. The days of cookie cutter web 2.0 layouts are long behind us!

Design trend: Designers are breaking free of strict grids and symmetry to add interest.

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