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When running a business or blog there are so many different hats we wear. The tasks can pile up, and we can’t always outsource little things, especially in the beginning stages. One of my least favourite tasks is making time to schedule tweets and manage social media.

I’ve tried a few different schedulers to manage social media over the years. For a while, I really loved using Coschedule to map out different bits of content on my blog and schedule the social media posts to match. But at $40/month for the basic plan, this cost isn’t great for startups who are trying to make the most of their budget.

I was also intrigued by Meet Edgar, a social media automation tool which creates a queue of evergreen content that never runs out. But at $49/month it’s even pricier than Coschedule!

My social media automation prayers were answered by the app Hiplay. Their most premium plan costs $25/month with their smallest plan coming in at only $5. Personally, I use their $5 plan to manage social media with evergreen posts.

A screencap of the Hiplay website

So first thing’s first:

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is your content that never becomes dated. When I ran a lifestyle blog, some of my content was seasonal or time-sensitive, but quite a lot could also be repurposed throughout the year. Driving traffic to these posts increases the value of your content. Informative posts that solve real problems for your clients and readers take time and effort and deserve to be showcased constantly – not buried beneath newer content which may not be as relevant to your audience.

How does Hiplay help manage social media?

Hiplay works with Buffer to keep your queue full. The free plan on Buffer allows you to queue up 10 posts per social media account, so you won’t need to pay for a Buffer account with this solution. You just need to load your Buffer with the posts you want to make Evergreen.

Once the schedule post has been tweeted/posted by Buffer, it will appear in Hiplay under the Unprocessed tab. From here, you can either trash the post (if it’s not evergreen) or click Add to Library which will add it to your Content Library tab.

Then, you just set the frequency to post evergreen tweets. I set mine to 2 per day at the moment, as I’m still working on fleshing out my blog and don’t want things to become too repetitive for my Twitter followers. The posts from Hiplay are then added to my Buffer queue as needed, thus automating a large chunk of my social media. I then pop in with the occasional timely post to keep things fresh.

There are other options for posting as well. You can have evergreen posts ONLY post when your Buffer queue is empty, for example. This would allow you to curate your social media content more carefully, and have Hiplay pick up the slack if you forget to schedule a day or two.

A little annoyance

One of the ways I think Hiplay falls short as a tool to manage social media is in its content creation. You can create your evergreen posts in Hiplay and cut out any need to add content to Buffer in the first place, but I find Buffer’s user interface to be a lot friendlier when it comes to adding images and links to social media posts. I like how Buffer pulls in images from a post so I don’t have to upload them myself, and how it shows the link previews in Twitter’s format.

Still, for the price point that is frankly a bargain, this little tool is a complete godsend to anyone who needs to manage their social media with very little time and budget.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Kim

    This looks like a great app. I find it very difficult to schedule my posts on social media, I work full time so it’s definitely something I need to be doing more of. Thanks for sharing.