Top Tips for Readable Text

November 11, 2017  • 
Do you secretly kind of hate your audience? Do you want to make them uncomfortable while they consume your content? If so, typography is a good way to do that! Or should I say, bad typography is a good way to do that? They say “good typography is invisible; bad typography is everywhere” and nowhere is this phrase truer than on the Internet.
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How I Manage Social Media for $5/month

October 15, 2017  •  ,
How I manage my social media for $5/month using the app Hiplay to fill my Buffer queue with evergreen content. Automate tweets and social media content for a smooth social media schedule on a budget. A fabulous tool for small businesses and bloggers!
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Thinking Outside The Box

October 3, 2017  • 
Web design is constantly evolving. Trends come and go. I remember when the hottest thing in blogging was to change your layout every week with a different badly-made blend using (technically stolen) celebrity images. Design also used to be a lot more fluid, with a lot fewer rules. For a few years, we solidified some rules, and for a long time, all things design were ruled by strict grids and symmetry. Now, we’re loosening up and becoming a bit more creative again.
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Avoid a Tech Catastrophe

August 8, 2017  • 
We’ve all had it happen. You get so caught up in your hustle that the part of your brain responsible for the frequent reflex-like Command-Ses backfires. And then something horrible happens: a power cut or a dead battery zaps your screen to black. Suddenly, the last hour’s work is lost to the ether. You shake your fists at the sky. Back to the beginning you go. That’s if you’re lucky. But so much worse can happen to your laptop. Theft. Loss. Your cat spilling a glass of water across your desk with an impressive amount of grace and decorum. It…
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Skip Social: Invest in Your Website!

July 23, 2017  • 
I’ve been blogging and making websites for over half of my life. That’s over 17 years of life spent on the Internet. Free web builders, photo sharing apps, CMSes and social media sites have come and gone. Only one thing has been consistent on my time on the web: having a website. Which is why I think influencers need to look beyond social platforms owned by third parties. You need to invest in your website! We all remember when MySpace was king. But what about Instagram’s predecessor, Hipstamatic? Do you remember building a website on Geocities? Now it’s lost to…
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