Forcing links into new tabs

July 16, 2017  • 
There’s one thing I’ve heard over and over again in my life as a web designer. One thing that makes me cringe inwardly no matter how many times I hear it. One battle that I’ve had over and over year after year. One thing which makes the perfect beginning for my Accessibility Guide series. “Can you make that link open in a new tab?” No. No, I cannot. Well, okay, I could. The ability to add target=”_blank” to a link to force it to open in a new window or tab is probably as old as HTML itself. But, like the…
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Web hosts with One Click WordPress

July 6, 2017  • 
One of the biggest questions that goes around the blogosphere is “how do I go self-hosted?” One Click WordPress to the rescue! While it used to be tricky to set up hosting and WordPress manually without much tech experience, in recent years many hosts offer packages targeted to the average user. These packages generally come with just the amount of space you will need for a blog, as well as the option to install WordPress with one click. This makes it really easy to get a blog up and running. After that, you just need to import your archives from…
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Block Bloglovin from Scraping Your Feed

July 4, 2017  • 
Today we’re going to discuss how to block Bloglovin from accessing your site, scraping your feed and duplicating your blog posts. The History I’m sure the concept of blocking a potential traffic source from accessing your site will be a bit controversial. But hear me out on why I’ve decided to block Bloglovin. When I first registered for a Bloglovin account, I was excited and intrigued by the platform. Although it’s little more than a public RSS feed, it made it easy to discover new blogs and keep track of favourites. Quickly, however, the platform began to display some issues. For…
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Welcome to Pretty Content

July 2, 2017  • 
Hello and welcome to Pretty Content! I’m Aisling, and I’m super excited to launch Pretty Content – Brighton web design for small businesses and bloggers! I’ve been designing and developing websites, building brands and working in marketing agencies for over six years. Now, I’ve decided to start offering these services to entrepreneurs such a small business owners and bloggers. When I’m not designing, I blog over on Anthologie. Through many years of writing, I have found a love for designing blogs. Pretty Content will be expanding into pre-made WordPress themes later in 2017. Until then, I will be blogging here…
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