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Top Tips for Readable Text

November 11, 2017  • 
Do you secretly kind of hate your audience? Do you want to make them uncomfortable while they consume your content? If so, typography is a good way to do that! Or should I say, bad typography is a good way to do that? They say “good typography is invisible; bad typography is everywhere” and nowhere is this phrase truer than on the Internet.
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Talking Pictures: Using ALT attributes for accessible images

July 18, 2017  • 
Thanks so much to everyone who appreciated part one of my Accessibility Guide which covered forcing links to open in a new tab! I was really excited by the response, which is why I decided to just jump right into the next guide. Accessible images is a less controversial topic than links, with basically everyone agreeing on how things should be done. Even Twitter included the functionality to add ALT attributes last year. If you’ve ever seen an image in HTML, it probably looks like this: <img src=”imageURL.jpg” alt=”Image description” /> The attribute at the end is the alternative text to…
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Forcing links into new tabs

July 16, 2017  • 
There’s one thing I’ve heard over and over again in my life as a web designer. One thing that makes me cringe inwardly no matter how many times I hear it. One battle that I’ve had over and over year after year. One thing which makes the perfect beginning for my Accessibility Guide series. “Can you make that link open in a new tab?” No. No, I cannot. Well, okay, I could. The ability to add target=”_blank” to a link to force it to open in a new window or tab is probably as old as HTML itself. But, like the…
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