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How I Manage Social Media for $5/month

October 15, 2017  •  ,
How I manage my social media for $5/month using the app Hiplay to fill my Buffer queue with evergreen content. Automate tweets and social media content for a smooth social media schedule on a budget. A fabulous tool for small businesses and bloggers!
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Avoid a Tech Catastrophe

August 8, 2017  • 
We’ve all had it happen. You get so caught up in your hustle that the part of your brain responsible for the frequent reflex-like Command-Ses backfires. And then something horrible happens: a power cut or a dead battery zaps your screen to black. Suddenly, the last hour’s work is lost to the ether. You shake your fists at the sky. Back to the beginning you go. That’s if you’re lucky. But so much worse can happen to your laptop. Theft. Loss. Your cat spilling a glass of water across your desk with an impressive amount of grace and decorum. It…
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Block Bloglovin from Scraping Your Feed

July 4, 2017  • 
Today we’re going to discuss how to block Bloglovin from accessing your site, scraping your feed and duplicating your blog posts. The History I’m sure the concept of blocking a potential traffic source from accessing your site will be a bit controversial. But hear me out on why I’ve decided to block Bloglovin. When I first registered for a Bloglovin account, I was excited and intrigued by the platform. Although it’s little more than a public RSS feed, it made it easy to discover new blogs and keep track of favourites. Quickly, however, the platform began to display some issues. For…
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