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How I Manage Social Media for $5/month

October 15, 2017  •  ,
How I manage my social media for $5/month using the app Hiplay to fill my Buffer queue with evergreen content. Automate tweets and social media content for a smooth social media schedule on a budget. A fabulous tool for small businesses and bloggers!
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Web hosts with One Click WordPress

July 6, 2017  • 
One of the biggest questions that goes around the blogosphere is “how do I go self-hosted?” One Click WordPress to the rescue! While it used to be tricky to set up hosting and WordPress manually without much tech experience, in recent years many hosts offer packages targeted to the average user. These packages generally come with just the amount of space you will need for a blog, as well as the option to install WordPress with one click. This makes it really easy to get a blog up and running. After that, you just need to import your archives from…
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