Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been designing and coding?

I began designing and coding in the early 2000s as a hobby, before pursuing it in post secondary studies in 2009. Since 2011 I have worked in marketing agencies and in application startups as both a web designer and front-end web developer full time. You can view my agency design and development portfolio if you wish.

How much will X cost?

Due to the unique nature of every project, we cannot provide static pricing on this website. However, we are open to discussion about any project. Contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to work within your budget!

When will you begin offering pre-made WordPress themes?

We’re scheduled to make pre-made themes available later in 2017. Unfortunately, they will be useable on self-hosted WordPress sites only.

Can you help me migrate to WordPress?

Of course! I can help migrate your content from nearly any platform to WordPress. In some cases, existing themes may also be moveable. Get in contact for a quote.

Do you accept sponsored posts or other third-party marketing on your blog?

For a fee, and as long as I deem it beneficial for my audience, I am open to discussing marketing opportunities on the Pretty Content blog.