My Darling Clementine

The Details

Clementine is a prolific beauty blogger hailing from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been working with her on her brand for her various blogs since 2012. Her current blog, My Darling Clementine, reflects Clementine’s unique approach to beauty blogging: no-nonsense but still a bit fun and tongue-in-cheek.

For Clem’s latest brand, we played with the imagery of her first (of many) tattoos, striking a balance between feminity and edgy. I also created a series of cosmetics-related images to be used throughout the site (initially in the header, and later as icons as the blog scene grew to favour minimalism).


I’ve worked with Aisling many times over the course of several years and she always manages to take my vague preferences (because I’m not a designer!) and turn them into something that I didn’t know I wanted. Most recently she created custom illustrations (including a logo) for my blog, in a super cute hand drawn style. I really wanted a logo that incorporated roses since they’re my birth flower, and she came up with a design that was not only eye-catching, attractive, and the exact vibe I wanted, but that stylistically echoed one of my tattoos. This is just one example of many of how she always goes above and beyond in her work! She is also an absolute pleasure to work with: friendly, responsive, and extremely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting. I highly recommend working with her!

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