My Life I Guess

The Details

My Life I Guess is a personal finance and lifestyle blog written by Amanda.

Amanda wanted to incorporate both her blog name and tagline into a logo. Due to the rather long lengths of both the name and tagline, I created two versions of the logo.

First is a stacked version which is designed to fit into more condensed spaces. Then came the horizontal version for use where there’s a bit more space to breathe. Both use Amanda’s pre-chosen brand colours.


I had been stuck with a basic logo for years because I was never quite sure what I wanted – and then Aisling came along. She was able to capture exactly what I was looking for from only a few basic ideas. I am thrilled with what she came up with and will absolutely be using her services again in the future!

The Process

An early concept of the My Life I Guess logo involved warmer colours and curlier script typography.

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