Deleting a Decade of Tweets

I kicked off the new year by doing something a little bit drastic ā€“ I deleted all of my tweets. Over the past decade, I had amassed over 42 thousand of the little guys. It was a bit overwhelming, knowing that many, many of my off-hand thoughts lurked somewhere in the shadows. Ten years is a third of my life ā€“ there were bound to be opinions that no longer connected with me. I’m not saying I had skeletons in my Twitter closet, but I did have a fair few petty arguments that I wanted to leave in the 2010s….
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It's lovely to meet you!

Hi there, I'm Aisling. I'm a Canadian creative, based near Brighton, England. I live with my partner, Katy, and our dog, a cavachon named Poppy.

I love to cook gluten-free food, doodle on my iPad, write, and take photographs. I believe that autumn isn't just a season, it's a lifestyle. Iā€™m also interested in the 1940s and vintage style.

This is my (sporadically written and often neglected) blog where I occasionally write about the above things.

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