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Trying Flower Arranging!

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With the world in lockdown, I know many of us have a bit of extra time on our hands. I’ve been trying to use some of this to take a little bit longer doing things “properly.” Like taking my time to neatly chop vegetables to simmer into chilli for a few hours before dinner, rather than haphazardly throwing whatever into a pot and shovelling it down following a long commute.

Likewise, I tend to be the type of person who buys a bouquet of flowers and plops them into a jar without much work on my part. Recently, my partner ordered flowers for her mum from Bloom & Wild, and I decided to order some for myself, as I hadn’t had any in a few years.

Send Love from a Safe Social Distance

Bloom & Wild are a very lockdown-friendly way to send flowers, as they go through the letterbox, so they are a no contact delivery (never thought this would be something I’d note as a selling point for something).

Initially, I admit that I did just sort of plop them into a vase. The flowers come with a little guide on how to arrange them – which I ignored, but eventually read while bored a few hours later. When it came time for my flowers’ day 3 water change, I decided to put what I’d read to use and try my hand at arranging the bouquet “properly.”

Flowers from Bloom and Wild, neatly arranged
Flowers from Bloom & Wild before being arranged

Bloom Design Basics

As with most design principles, the general takeaway was to cut the flowers and greenery to different lengths to create a sense of texture and hierarchy – two of my favourite concepts I use when designing websites. Bloom & Wild recommend using the shortest flower front and centre, and building upward – a technique that I found worked well!

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Taking the few extra minutes to arrange the flowers really made a big difference in the presentation, and it was a nice few minutes of self-care. I felt like a sophisticated woman from the past, taking the time to partake in such a pretty art form!

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If you’d like to give a try, I recommend Bloom & Wild (with my referral code, if you’d like!) But this will also be something I am going to try the next time I pick up a cheap bundle of stems from the grocery store! What do you think of my first attempt at arranging a bouquet?

(As mentioned above, using my Bloom & Wild discount code will give you £10 off your order, and I will receive £10 at no cost to you! I am not affiliated with Bloom & Wild in any way beyond sharing this via their referral program!)