An Update!

Hello and welcome back! I’ve had a little bit of a break from this blog the last couple months, and there are lots of good reasons why:

The new Pretty Content website

My biggest project lately has been creating this website! I knew from the beginning that the plan would be to merge this blog with my old design site, provided things went well on the design side of things.

Well, I’m relieved to say that it did! Designing has more or less kept me focused during the pandemic and furlough, and I plan to keep working with fantastic creatives and small business owners in the future to help them define and strengthen their brands, and create gorgeous websites (that are also extremely user friendly and accessible).

I also plan to continue sharing website DIY tips and tricks with you going forward. And anything else creative that springs to mind!

I did want to note that this website, as always, will be a work in progress. Most notably, more case studies will be added soon, which leads me to…

Amazing design clients

I’ve been working with some fabulous design clients over the last few months, including culture writer Clementine Oberst, marketing consultancy Blether Digital, and author Tara Costello of Red Moon Gang – just to name a few!

I am in the process of writing case studies for a few other projects that have either recently launched or are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Upcoming availability

As I mentioned earlier, since March I have been furloughed which afforded me the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients these last few months. However, all strange, life-altering things come to an end, and I will be soon returning to the world of full-time employment.

But never fear! As I said, I want to continue working with creatives and small business owners, so you can still get your hands on some lovely textured, brightly coloured and intricately detailed design.

I will have reduced availability but I am hoping to fit in an average of 2 projects per month. I’m currently booking for September, so take a look through what I offer and get in touch soon!

Hi, I'm Aisling!

I’ve spent over a decade working in agencies and startups, designing for different mediums; coding responsive, user-friendly web experiences; and converting customers into loyal audiences. Now, I am so excited to bring those years of experience to your project, and to share some of my insights on this blog!

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