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Great Design is Timeless

Technology moves so fast and it takes the whole world with it. Trends come and go at a rapid pace. We’re always a click or a tap away from discovering the Next Big Thing.

On the other hand, there’s something about design that is so timeless. For as long as humans have been on Earth, they’ve wanted to create – everything from art to intricate systems to improve our lives.

There are as many different styles of design as there are people in this world.

As a millennial, I grew up with more limited technology but came of age in a very connected world. I was the first person in my family, aged 12, to learn to use the computer, and to use it for more than printing off forms and homework. I used it to create. I used it to design.

I’ve also always had an interest in history, and a desire to live in a “simpler” time. (I talk a bit about this on my about page – don’t worry, I know it wasn’t all pretty dresses, there was also a lot of bigotry!) I’m quite obsessed with the 1940s, and my favourite film is Titanic.

My own design style definitely marries these two aspects of myself. You might look at my portfolio and not immediately see it, but the influence of what I call “vintage vibes” is a thread throughout my work. The design of my own branding and website is definitely even less subtle, leaning into these vintage and retro motifs that I love so much.

I love working with businesses that are not only design-driven but also have this timeless feel. Classic, but not old-fashioned. Modern, but not trendy. Built on the solid foundations of design that have existed since a time before Instagram trends.

If this resonates with you and you want to inject some vintage vibes into your brand’s look and feel, we should definitely chat.

Hi, I'm Aisling!

I’ve spent over a decade working in agencies and startups, designing for different mediums; coding responsive, user-friendly web experiences; and converting customers into loyal audiences. Now, I am so excited to bring those years of experience to your project, and to share some of my insights on this blog!