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A Vintage Bookshop Logo & Brand Design

I don’t often have time to play around with designing things for fun. My life is pretty jampacked with work, life and everything in between! But I’ve wanted to start playing around more with the vintage-inspired brand and web design that I love so much, so I thought I would create a bookshop brand, in a similar way that I would create my usual projects!

So, here is Anthologie Books. Named after a former blog of mine! I love a good antique (or antique-esque) bookshop. The vision for Anthologie was a bookshop established in the mid-30s but that enjoyed a touch of art nouveau flair. The shop specialises in antique and one-of-a-kind books, as well as other old artefacts and gifts for people who love a bit of mystery.

Their tagline is Unlock & Discover to point to their love of adventure and stepping into new worlds via the books and treasures that they sell.

Their brand colours are a mix of fresh tones – this isn’t a stuffy bookshop, it’s light and airy and welcoming. With a huge vase of flowers on the cashier’s wooden countertop.

Anthologie also publishes their own range of short-run books, which they stamp with their distinctive mark, making them heirlooms in their own right. Along the spine is their signature old fashioned skeleton key with a geometric pattern, stamped on gold foil. The front of the books features their tagline and one of their logo variations stamped in a similar fashion.

I had so much fun putting this together! I love getting lost in a bookshop or browsing my local charity shops for old books. I recently picked up two books from the late 1890s and early 1900s, respectively. One of them is one of the first books published about photography!

If you love vintage design as much as me, and are looking for vintage-inspired brand and web design for your business, please get in touch!

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