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Rebranding as a vintage-inspired brand and web designer

At the start of 2022, I rebranded my business. And I’m finally getting around to talking about it! As you can imagine, it was a rather large project and I’ve been playing a little bit of catch up ever since, including planning new content for this blog. It only makes sense, in that case, to welcome you to the new Pretty Content! Even if it is three and a half months late.

Designing your dream business

At first, I was definitely scared of making a big change. I knew that while I am in love with my new niche, it would be hard for people to understand immediately. But that’s okay! I may have taken a bit of a step backwards, but for me, I see it as taking a step back to decide to go down a better path for myself and my business.

I think when we, as entrepreneurs, set out to build our businesses, we sometimes do so by thinking of what the lowest common denominator needs to be in order to make ends meet. We plan to start small and then when we gain traction we try to craft the business we want. With this change, I decided to flip that on its head, and go for my end goal right away. If I need to change paths again, that’s fine. But for now, I am confident in my journey and confident that I can build the business that I have always dreamed of.

What made me decide to rebrand?

In the last quarter of 2021, I decided I needed to do something with my business. Things had felt a bit stagnant and disjointed. I decided to join a group coaching program called the Intentional Design Business. Mostly I thought I would refine a bit of what I already had going on. I saw it as a bit of a refresher, and a way to feel motivated to work on my business.

While I did find what I was looking for, I also discovered many other things about myself, Pretty Content, and where I wanted us to go. I wanted to differentiate my business and focus on something I was genuinely passionate about. Something that would keep me motivated and interested in my work.

I decided to combine my love for design with one of my other key passions: early 20th-century art and style.

A new look and feel for my brand

While I could have probably refocused my business with my old branding– my work has always had a bit of vintage and retro flair after all– I decided to completely change the look and feel to align with my new goals for the business. Which, frankly, is to become the vintage-inspired brand and web design specialist for independent businesses. I want Pretty Content to become synonymous with high quality, timeless, vintage-inspired design.

I embarked on a rebranding process, drawing from my favourite artistic periods and styles: the Arts Nouveau and Deco. I have always been drawn in by elaborate patterns and I decided to incorporate some of them. As well as some of my favourite old-fashioned elements like stamps, envelopes and skeleton keys.

Take a chance and do what you love

If any of this post resonated with you, well, we should obviously be pals. And if you’re a vintage-lover running a modern brand, but too nervous to go all the way in fear of alienating others, we should definitely talk!