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My Most Popular Pins on Pinterest

Since Instagram has been trying to become more like TikTok, I’ve definitely been more drawn toward Pinterest. I use it for pinning ideas for future design work, ideas on what to make for dinner, and finding new ideas for tattoos… yes, it is an ideas machine.

A few of my Pinterest pins are quite popular, so I thought I’d share them and maybe a bit extra about each pin.

Vintage-inspired home office

This is my most popular single post, all about my Vintage-Inspired home office, which is actually a blog post on this website! I even see it pop up when I’m looking for ideas for other areas of my home to decorate.

Be Kind to Your Mind

This illustration actually first made the rounds on Instagram before it became popular on Pinterest. Sadly, it’s had its credit removed a few times and has been edited into different colours which isn’t very nice of the person who did it!

Digital Bullet Journal with Goodnotes

This is a weird one because I have more than one popular post that links to my blog entry about bullet journalling. So this is actually my most popular content on Pinterest. It also gets a lot of traffic from Google. The funny thing is that I haven’t digital bullet journalled in years!

It’s interesting to see what catches the attention of people browsing Pinterest. If my audience is organised vintage lovers who care about mental health awareness, then I am happy with that!