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Your Vintage Business Vibe

An Emotional Journey

When branding your vintage business, I want you to think of the emotional journey you want to take your customers on. Through this, we can distil your vintage business’ “vibe” into something that is easier to express visually.

I want to take you through a few journeys that you might use to establish the emotions of your dream customer. Picture yourself in each of these scenarios and see which one most represents how you want your customer to feel when interacting with your brand.

Scenario One

You wake up in the mid-morning, shower, and pull on a cute secondhand dress. You grab a tote bag or two and head out the door. You stop at a local coffee shop and wait patiently as the barista prepares your order, smiling at some people you recognise from the neighbourhood (they have the cutest dog!). Finally, you reach your starting point – the farthest point of the high street. You know the drill, this is your usual routine. You make your way from charity shop to charity shop. The volunteer staff seem to recognise you. There’s a jumble of stuff in each shop. You have to really look to find something of value amongst all the bits and bobs. You find a few nice things, and also pick up a few tacky objects that make you laugh. They’ll go perfectly with the kitschy salt and pepper shakers you picked up a few weeks ago.

Scenario Two

It’s 5am, you pull on jeans and an old sweatshirt you’ve had for years. It’s chilly so you layer a scarf on top and wiggle around the kitchen while you wait for the kettle to boil. Hot drink in your Keep Cup, and you’re out the door. The early bird catches the worm and you know that if you’re not at the vintage market when the doors open you won’t find anything worth searching for. You have a few items on your wishlist and you scroll through them on your phone while you wait with a queue of fellow vintage bargain hunters. When the doors finally open you make a beeline to your favourite vintage sellers. Some of them have a few items put aside for you that they think you’ll like or know you’re looking for. There are also plenty of boxes to rummage through, many items covered in a layer of dust. You pull out your wallet – you’re one of the few people you know who still carries cash for this very purpose. You know that by 10am when the rest of the world starts to show up, you’ll already be in your favourite cafe with a Full English, your latest finds in a bag at your feet.

Scenario Three

After a leisurely brunch with friends, you decide to peruse the road with the best range of antique shops. Each shop has its own distinct style with items that have been perfectly curated to complement each other. You’ve been thinking of investing in a larger piece and you’re looking for guidance from someone who specialises in antique furniture. Since you plan to spend a large amount of money, you want the experience to feel equally luxurious. You know the perfect antique dealer. The shop has been run by one family for over 100 years, passed down between generations. When you enter the shop, every surface gleams. The wood is perfectly polished. The metal shines. Light bounces across perfectly preserved glass. You accept a coffee from the owner and peruse the selection while soft jazz plays.

Which scenario do you connect with?

  • A casual browse on your local high street, looking for treasure in unlikely places?
  • The hectic yet satisfying feeling of snagging something before someone else does?
  • A calm and curated selection – someone has done the hard work, now you just need to find something you love.

Using these types of journey visualisations can make it easier to differentiate between your brand and other vintage businesses. We can take the journey that you want your customers to feel from the tangible experience of shopping in real life to one that conveys the same vibe when selling online.

And from this, we can build a brand strategy and identity that aligns with the emotional journey you want your customers to take!

I’m now booking for vintage and retro-inspired brand and web projects and I’d love to work with you on your own unique visualisation soon!

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