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Begin your Brand Renaissance

After a bit of a winter hiatus, Pretty Content is back!

I’ve got a new look, a new outlook, and plenty of new ways for us to work together in 2023!

More ways to work together than ever before!

My vintage-inspired branding and web design packages have been revamped and expanded. I’m offering more ways to work together than I ever have before with standard and premium packages for both branding and websites.

Most exciting of all, my signature offering Your Heart’s Content now includes everything you need to make sure the actual content of your website is as brilliant as the look and feel of your website. Together we will craft the words needed to bring your brand to life as part of a Content-First strategy.

Your ideal audience will love you for your body and your mind!

The new look and outlook

While I haven’t rebranded, I do have a bit of a refreshed look for Pretty Content this year. I hope you enjoy the new vibe – it’s a bit bigger and bolder and (hopefully) more fun!

I think when people hear “vintage-inspired brand and web designer” there can be this feeling of stuffiness and… conservatism. And the last thing I want to be associated with is a Tory! Gross.

The last website design was perhaps a bit too elegant and didn’t reflect who I actually am – a tattooed gay woman in a brightly coloured floral patterned dress drinking iced oat milk lattes while listening to Taylor Swift. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy some refined elegance, but vintage style is so much more than that! It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s kitsch.

It’s choosing to mix and match the intricate details of old-fashioned design (let’s be real, the attention to detail back then was much nicer than the minimalist nothingness of today) with the everyday life experience of the modern-day entrepreneurial woman.

The outlook of Pretty Content has also changed a little bit this year. While it’s previously been my main focus, in 2023 I’m branching out a bit to work on a few other projects. One, which will hopefully launch soon, is The Small Business Speakeasy. This will be a sister brand to Pretty Content! It will be the new home for all of my small business advice that would usually be posted to this blog. It will be more focused on small business ownership in general, rather than just those of us who enjoy vintage aesthetics.

I’m also hoping to bring out a podcast! Some of you might remember the short-lived Pretty Content podcast which was basically just a hodgepodge of my thoughts. This next podcast venture will be more streamlined – a 10-ish episode season examining niche businesses and hobbies. This is a topic that I’ve become extremely interested in since rebranding as a vintage-inspired brand and web designer. I just love a niche!

Anyway, I will wrap it up here. Thank you for sticking with me during my break if you have! And if you’re new, welcome aboard! You can keep up with my antics on Instagram if you’re so inclined. See you soon!