About • Pretty Content • Vintage-inspired brand and web design

I’m Aisling — creative specialist
& vintage design enthusiast.

I truly believe that your project deserves a designer with over a decade of experience working in agencies and on products – and that I am that designer.

I’ve worked on a myriad of projects – designing for everything from small and mighty e-commerce brands to some of the largest tech and media companies in the world.

But my passion is working with independent brands! Together, we will shape the brand of your design-driven business, simplify your web user experience, and create authentic experiences that your audience will love.

Vintage and retro-inspired design?

I specialise in designing for brands that love vintage and retro-inspired aesthetics as much as I do!

But you don’t need to sell vintage products or services to work with me. Pretty Content clients run modern businesses, infused with a tangible look and feel.

If you love unique textures, bold patterns, and intricate details, we will love working together to bring your vision to the 21st century.

Big agency results

The processes, methods and secrets I use come from over a decade of working with all kinds of businesses, including global brands.

From workshops to user experience and visual design, copywriting, and so much more — I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve done it all!

But why should the big brands have all the fun? There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to share my years of professional experience with a growing brand — for a much more affordable price.

A little bit of history…

I’ve been obsessed with history for as long as I can remember. I started reading historical fiction from a young age, Titanic came out when I was 9 years old, and I’ve always been drawn to the elegance of old Hollywood.

My work is influenced by vintage and retro clothing, decor, signage, packaging, and classic films. But my favourite source of inspiration is old ephemera – bits of paper that were designed to be used at the moment and then discarded – like newspapers, theatre programmes, and bus tickets.

Like many of us, I grew up on the Internet, but have long made it my mission to bring the tangibility of these objects to the digital space. I’ve always designed with paper textures, layered elements, and a collage-like feel. It’s what I love most about being a woman in the 21st century – we can take the bits of history that we love and want to preserve the feeling of, while still enjoying the modern conveniences of basic human rights and online shopping.

12+ Years

Time spent designing for brands both big and small.


My favourite film. (Give me Kate Winslet's wardrobe!)

‘30s & ‘40s

My favourite decades for fashion and style.

Art Nouveau

My favourite vintage design style.

Art Deco

My second favourite vintage design style (a very close second!).

Feeling Cosy

My entire life’s aim.

Vintage vibes, not vintage values*

You have probably noticed my love of vintage design and style, but this does not correlate to the values I hold. I am a pansexual woman living in a country that I was not born in, so it should go without saying that I am pro-LGBTQ rights (emphasis on the T), pro-women’s rights and anti-racist. If you aren’t also these things, I am not a good fit for your project.

* A slightly modified version of the quote made popular by Dandy Wellington.