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My Static Instagram Grid Experiment!

Instagram burnt me out creatively. I didn’t just want to stop creating for Instagram, but it made me want to stop creating in general! It was so disheartening to spend time making something only for it to be ignored. I thought of leaving the platform altogether.

But then I decided to try a different approach – a static grid.

Your Vintage Business Vibe

Posted in Brand, Small Business

When branding your vintage business, I want you to think of the emotional journey you want to take your customers on. Through this, we can distil your vintage business’ “vibe” into something that is easier to express visually.

I want to take you through a few journeys that you might use to establish the emotions of your dream customer. Picture yourself in each of these scenarios and see which one most represents how you want your customer to feel when interacting with your brand.

My Most Popular Pins on Pinterest

Posted in Creativity, Technology

Since Instagram has been trying to become more like TikTok, I’ve definitely been more drawn toward Pinterest. I use it for pinning ideas for future design work, ideas on what to make for dinner, and finding new ideas for tattoos… yes, it is an ideas machine.

A few of my Pinterest pins are quite popular, so I thought I’d share them and maybe a bit extra about each pin.

A Vintage Bookshop Logo & Brand Design

Posted in Design Concepts

Introducing… Anthologie Books. I love a good antique (or antique-esque) bookshop.

The vision for Anthologie was a bookshop established in the mid-30s but that enjoyed a touch of art nouveau flair. The shop specialises in antique and one-of-a-kind books, as well as other old artefacts and gifts for people who love a bit of mystery.

Find Your Vintage Design Style Quiz!

So much of modern design is based on vintage trends, and you might be thinking “what is my vintage design style?” Or even, “do I have a vintage design style?” I’ve created a tool to help you find out!

My guess would be that everyone is drawn to at least one of the vintage design styles in the quiz, even if it’s not immediately obvious. For example, I see parallels between Art Nouveau and some design trends from the 70s.

Anxiety, Perfectionism & Comparison as a Small Business Owner

Balancing your mental health while running your own business can be difficult. We’re putting a lot on our plates and it’s easy to get caught up in anxiety over our success (and failure), perfectionism in our work, and comparison to others that we see as more successful than us.

I asked Kayla Chorley, the therapist behind Pineapple Therapy in Edmonton, Canada (and Pretty Content client) to give us her perspective on small business ownership, from her own experience as both a new small business owner, and as a professional helping millennials and teenagers navigate the world alongside their anxiety.