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A Vintage Bookshop Logo & Brand Design

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Design Concepts

Introducing… Anthologie Books. I love a good antique (or antique-esque) bookshop.

The vision for Anthologie was a bookshop established in the mid-30s but that enjoyed a touch of art nouveau flair. The shop specialises in antique and one-of-a-kind books, as well as other old artefacts and gifts for people who love a bit of mystery.

Find Your Vintage Design Style Quiz!

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Pretty Content, Resources

So much of modern design is based on vintage trends, and you might be thinking “what is my vintage design style?” Or even, “do I have a vintage design style?” I’ve created a tool to help you find out!

My guess would be that everyone is drawn to at least one of the vintage design styles in the quiz, even if it’s not immediately obvious. For example, I see parallels between Art Nouveau and some design trends from the 70s.

Anxiety, Perfectionism & Comparison as a Small Business Owner

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Guest Post, Mental Health, Small Business

Balancing your mental health while running your own business can be difficult. We’re putting a lot on our plates and it’s easy to get caught up in anxiety over our success (and failure), perfectionism in our work, and comparison to others that we see as more successful than us.

I asked Kayla Chorley, the therapist behind Pineapple Therapy in Edmonton, Canada (and Pretty Content client) to give us her perspective on small business ownership, from her own experience as both a new small business owner, and as a professional helping millennials and teenagers navigate the world alongside their anxiety.

Great Design is Timeless

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Design, Pretty Content

Technology moves so fast and it takes the whole world with it. Trends come and go at a rapid pace. We’re always a click or a tap away from discovering the Next Big Thing.

On the other hand, there’s something about design that is so timeless. For as long as humans have been on Earth, they’ve wanted to create – everything from art to intricate systems to improve our lives.

There are as many different styles of design as there are people in this world.

The Truth About Trademarks for Small Businesses

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Brand, Small Business

Naming things is tricky. A name can convey so much. It can be (or feel like) a very permanent decision. I don’t know how parents deal with the responsibility of naming a human! So when you find the perfect name – in this case, for your small business – you want to start stamping it everywhere. You grab the domain and the social media handles. You might even think about applying for a trademark.

Big companies use trademarks. I’ve also noticed it to be a very common practice in the USA small business community. But what does registering a trademark mean for UK small businesses? Let me tell you a bit about trademarks, my own experience registering a trademark, and whether I feel it was worth it!

Should You Show Your Prices On Your Website?

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Productivity & Processes

One of the biggest debates in the service-based community is whether or not you should show your prices on your website.

You can probably guess what my stance is. After all, I display my prices on this website.

However, in the interest of unbiased reporting, I will go through both the reasons you might not want to show your service pricing, and why I think that you should.

Making Your Writing Sound Like Yourself

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Brand, Productivity & Processes

Not everyone was born with a silver pencil in their hand. Writing copy that sounds natural, and not like your 10th grade English essay on Othello, can be tricky and feel super daunting.

Here’s a really quick trick that I recommend to my clients and friends who want to inject their personality into their writing, but don’t find that it comes naturally to them.