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Find Your Vintage Design Style Quiz!

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I recently decided to shift my focus slightly and specialise in vintage-inspired brand and web design. This is a pretty natural move for me since most of my work is inspired by vintage trends already. So I thought, why not just cut to the chase and work with brands that love vintage design as much… Read More

Digital Bullet Journal with iPad Pro and GoodNotes (Free Template!)

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I’ve always loved the concept of a bullet journal – the simplicity and the flexibility, combined with the opportunity to be as creative as you want. The bit I am not great at is being consistent with that. I’d create beautiful layouts for a few weeks in a row, before falling off the wagon and reverting back to my old planner-less ways. Enter my digital bullet journal on my iPad Pro.

Use the GoodNotes app to create your own digital bullet journal spreads. Or download my free template!