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My Static Instagram Grid Experiment!

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Productivity & Processes, Small Business

Instagram burnt me out creatively. I didn’t just want to stop creating for Instagram, but it made me want to stop creating in general! It was so disheartening to spend time making something only for it to be ignored. I thought of leaving the platform altogether.

But then I decided to try a different approach – a static grid.

Your Vintage Business Vibe

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Brand, Small Business

When branding your vintage business, I want you to think of the emotional journey you want to take your customers on. Through this, we can distil your vintage business’ “vibe” into something that is easier to express visually.

I want to take you through a few journeys that you might use to establish the emotions of your dream customer. Picture yourself in each of these scenarios and see which one most represents how you want your customer to feel when interacting with your brand.

Anxiety, Perfectionism & Comparison as a Small Business Owner

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Guest Post, Mental Health, Small Business

Balancing your mental health while running your own business can be difficult. We’re putting a lot on our plates and it’s easy to get caught up in anxiety over our success (and failure), perfectionism in our work, and comparison to others that we see as more successful than us.

I asked Kayla Chorley, the therapist behind Pineapple Therapy in Edmonton, Canada (and Pretty Content client) to give us her perspective on small business ownership, from her own experience as both a new small business owner, and as a professional helping millennials and teenagers navigate the world alongside their anxiety.

The Truth About Trademarks for Small Businesses

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Brand, Small Business

Naming things is tricky. A name can convey so much. It can be (or feel like) a very permanent decision. I don’t know how parents deal with the responsibility of naming a human! So when you find the perfect name – in this case, for your small business – you want to start stamping it everywhere. You grab the domain and the social media handles. You might even think about applying for a trademark.

Big companies use trademarks. I’ve also noticed it to be a very common practice in the USA small business community. But what does registering a trademark mean for UK small businesses? Let me tell you a bit about trademarks, my own experience registering a trademark, and whether I feel it was worth it!