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My Most Popular Pins on Pinterest

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Creativity, Technology

Since Instagram has been trying to become more like TikTok, I’ve definitely been more drawn toward Pinterest. I use it for pinning ideas for future design work, ideas on what to make for dinner, and finding new ideas for tattoos… yes, it is an ideas machine.

A few of my Pinterest pins are quite popular, so I thought I’d share them and maybe a bit extra about each pin.

Is Your Audience Engaged… or Addicted?

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Technology, Design

Social media is built on an addictive hook model. So what does this mean for content creators when using “engagement” as a performance metric?

Are the number of likes on an image a sign of success, or a sign of an audience with a heavier addiction to social media?

MacBook Air 2020 Review

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Review, Design, Technology

My previous laptop was the mid-2013 MacBook Air, which I purchased in early 2014. It still had the big silver bezels and the squishier keyboard, and it served me very well once my 2009 MacBook Pro had bitten the dust.

I’ve also used the more recent MacBook Pro, circa 2017 or 2018, as my main machine for work. This one had the reduced bezels, now black for more of a seamless feel, and a keyboard that is, quite frankly, painful to use. It has almost none of the “squishiness” and was akin to slamming your fingertips directly into the table for 8 hours every day.

How does the MacBook Air 2020 compare?