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Nostalgia-driven design that turns brands into happy memories.

Nostalgia and memory can be such powerful tools when it comes to building trust and loyalty in your business. Inspired by vintage aesthetics, I craft brands that feel familiar and welcoming to your audience, so they will feel right at home when working with you.

I am a vintage design specialist. I spend many hours delving into research of different art and design styles, so I can create a variety of brands influenced by vintage style, across a whole spectrum. So you can decide if you want your brand to be accurate to a specific period, or if you just want to pick and choose elements to create a modern fusion of old and new.

Here are some samples of my work that show the versatility of vintage-inspired design. Hopefully, they will inspire you to consider a vintage-style approach to your own brand and website!

Clementine Oberst

brand & WordPress website
Inspired by playful mid-century motifs

Blether Digital

Inspired by bold, psychedelic 60s shapes

Red Moon Gang

WordPress website
Inspired by bold 70s & 80s design


Inspired by timeless caligraphy & 90s anime

Vikki Blake

brand & WordPress website
Inspired by early video games from the 80s

Pineapple Therapy

Inspired by 50s Hawaiian aesthetics and signage

Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms

Inspired by romance à la Pride & Prejudice

Ultimately Better

Inspired by 20s neon signage & the London Underground

Ruby Star Associates

WordPress Website
Inspired by 50s rockabilly & the space race

Olivia Michael Candle Co.

Inspired by timeless elegance & nature

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“Aisling always goes above and beyond in her work! She is also an absolute pleasure to work with: friendly, responsive, and extremely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting. I highly recommend working with her!”

Clementine — Media/Culture Writer & Academic