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Blether Digital


About Blether Digital

Blether Digital is a digital marketing agency for creatives. Founder Charlotte specialises in copywriting, social media management, and marketing support for independent businesses. 

Brand identity for Blether Digital

Era of influence

The Blether Digital brand identity is inspired by a 1960s/1970s feel. With bold, abstract typography and simple rounded shapes, the brand has a slightly psychedelic feel, while still being rooted in modern trends.

Process and concepts

Charlotte from Blether Digital was looking to refresh her branding identity ahead of some major milestones in both her business and her personal life. As a marketing extraordinaire, Charlotte came to me with a clear idea of her brand values and how she wanted her clients to feel when working with her. Blether’s values overlap a lot with Pretty Content’s, which made designing for Charlotte a very smooth process!

Using my highly collaborative and casual approach, Charlotte and I spent time refining the brand, many times with one of us flinging off an email as our respective dinners cooked away on our individual stoves.

We created a brand look and feel that is feminine and trend-driven.

In addition to creating assets such as logos and favicons, and outlining type treatments, I also created a library of abstract graphical elements for Charlotte to use throughout her branding. By layering, rotating, resizing, and overlaying the graphics, she has the power to create infinite materials that showcase her brand while maintaining a cohesive look.

“Aisling turned my thoughts into a reality, with a beautiful brand and additional graphic elements that brought the whole project together in a way that stands out. I couldn’t recommend working with Aisling enough, she was prompt and professional at all times, and the attention to detail has been fantastic.”

Charlotte — Marketer, Blether Digital

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