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About Callistonian

Chantelle from Callistonian came to me to help revive her personal branding which she uses for her blog and on social media.

Brand identity for Callistonian

Era of influence

The main logo of Callistonian is hand-lettered by myself in a calligraphic style. This style is timeless as it evokes the memory of an older time but is also still a style that remains popular and is used widely. The colour palette for this project is heavily inspired by the colour palette of ‘90s anime, like Sailor Moon, which made ample use of pastels, especially in shades of pink and purple.

Process and concepts

The name Callistonian comes from the moon Callisto, which is the second largest moon of Jupiter. Chantelle began using this brand name in the early 2000s but had taken a break from blogging in 2015.

Of course, the name immediately lends itself to very celestial imagery. The logo is custom hand-lettering which I drew freehand in Procreate, then vectorised. Small celestial accents of a crescent moon and star introduce the celestial elements to the brand. These elements are also used in the brand’s icon design.

Expanding further upon the celestial theme, I created a library of graphics which could be used to enhance social media imagery. This includes a series of stars, moons, and Chantelle’s Pieces star sign.

Chantelle is also an avid reader, so the graphical library includes motifs that speak to this aspect of her personality.

The colour palette consists of two soft pastel hues reminiscent of clouds at sunset. These are contrasted with a bold bright pink and a darker deep purple, to convey the range of colours present in a vibrant pink sunset.

“I appreciate how quick and wonderfully detail-oriented you were throughout the entire process. For instance, I didn’t say anything about my birthday, but you added elements from my birthday constellation in my visual identity package, which was a very thoughtful touch.”

Chantelle — Writer, Callistonian

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