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Clementine Oberst

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About Clementine Oberst

Clementine is a media/culture writer and academic based in Canada. She is currently working toward her PhD in Cultural Studies and can often be found writing in-depth academic papers about Taylor Swift and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Brand identity and website for Clementine Oberst

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Era of influence

The typography of the logo I created for Clementine is heavily influenced by 1950s style script fonts. The orange icon is a monogram, incorporating the C and O of Clementine’s initials. Monograms have a long history, first being used as far back as 350BC. They’ve been used by royalty. They were popular in the Victorian era. And they were very fashionable in the mid-20th century. 

Process and concepts

I’ve worked with Clementine on many design projects over the years, but this is definitely my favourite! 

The world of academia can have a reputation for being stuffy and serious. The very nature of Clementine’s work examining pop culture subverts this, so with her brand identity and website we wanted to play against these stereotypes with feminine colours and elements.

Of course, Clem’s name, and the imagery it evokes, could not be ignored! The logo contains a very subtle nod to the orange fruit, while the sub-mark is a lot less subtle with oranges aplenty! It also incorporates Clementine’s initials in the frame.

For her website, Clementine wanted to stick to a simple approach. It exists as a living and breathing CV – one that can easily be adjusted and added to as Clem’s body of work expands. It also consists of a low-key, predominately text-based blog where she can share updates about her work, details of upcoming conferences, and thoughts about working on a PhD during a pandemic!

“Aisling always goes above and beyond in her work! She is also an absolute pleasure to work with: friendly, responsive, and extremely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting. I highly recommend working with her!”

Clementine — Media/Culture Writer & Academic