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Gluten Free Worthing is a new personal project for myself. Very new. As such, even its brand is a bit of a work in progress.

So far it consists of a logo and colour palette. When researching other gluten free brands, I noticed that many of the colour palettes used green and other bright colours. This is likely because gluten free food is often seen as a healthy alternative. I wanted to break away from this aesthetic and work with a look that was a little more chic.

While I tend to use warm pinks in my personal projects, for Gluten Free Worthing I went a bit moodier. The star of the show is a dark mauve. I feel that using a dark colour like this makes the colour of the food photography pop. The logo type itself uses a soft grey and a dusky pink.

While Gluten Free Worthing is primarily meant to be an Instagram account, I also created a very simple supplementary website where all of the Instagram posts are automatically cross-posted for easy access. The website also features a directory of food venues that I have visited or been contacted by.

I plan to continue to develop this brand over time – choosing permanent typefaces, adding sub-marks and alternative logos, etc – so check back often to see the transformation!

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