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Pineapple Therapy

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About Pineapple Therapy

Pineapple Therapy is a counselling service based in Edmonton, Canada. Why pineapple? Founder Kayla Chorley says “The pineapple is said to be a symbol of welcome and hospitality… The pineapple is also a contradiction – with its sharp edges, but sweet taste – its qualities often mirror situations in our lives and parts of our personalities.”

Brand identity for Pineapple Therapy

Era of influence

In the 1950s, the Hawaiian aesthetic was all the rage. And there’s nothing more Hawaiian than a pineapple. I was inspired by 1950s signage, using abstract shapes to contain typography. The typography for the Pineapple Therapy logo is meant to taper in the middle, like one of these iconic signs.

Process and concepts

The brand is focused on the principles of warmth and welcome. While a pineapple might make you think of bright colours and patterns, we went for a more calming approach rooted in the hues of sunsets and calm waters.

The branding is also meant to be versatile. It is a way for Pineapple Therapy to welcome clients close to home, as well as a way to branch out into the online space and bring her mental health and wellbeing knowledge to a more global audience.