Pineapple Therapy

brand identity

Pineapple Therapy is a counselling service based in Edmonton, Canada.

Why pineapple? Founder Kayla Chorley says “The pineapple is said to be a symbol of welcome and hospitality… The pineapple is also a contradiction – with its sharp edges, but sweet taste – its qualities often mirror situations in our lives and parts of our personalities.”

The brand is focused on the principles of warmth and welcome. While a pineapple might make you think of bright colours and patterns, we went for a more calming approach rooted in the hues of sunsets and calm waters.

The branding is also meant to be versatile. It is a way for Pineapple Therapy to welcome clients close to home, as well as a way to branch out into the online space and bring her mental health and wellbeing knowledge to a more global audience.

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