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About Ruby Star Associates

Ruby Star Associates are a team of business development consultants. They help startups to start and scale their businesses, and larger companies to evaluate their strategy. They provide workshops and advice for companies on innovating, communicating, and growing.

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Era of influence

The existing branding for Ruby Star Associates used a 1950s-inspired rockabilly style. This made it easy to expand upon the retro feel. This, combined with the tagline “rocket fuel for your business,” made me think of the space race. Luckily I was able to find the perfect video for the header – an old TV screen showing a rocket blasting off while someone watches and talks on an old phone. The typography on the website is inspired by newspapers. 

Process and concepts

Business development consultants, Ruby Star Associates, came to me via a recommendation from another client. They were looking to streamline their existing website and modernise their look and feel.

As the website is mostly an informational resource, rather than something they actively use to generate leads, we went for a design that really highlighted the content via bold newspaper-esque headlines. I pulled out the headline “rocket fuel for your business” from one of their client testimonials, which in turn lead to using the rocket launch video as the header background.

Illustrations were provided by their own illustrator, which tied in with their existing illustrative logo.

The website was then developed on WordPress, using a modified version of the Underscores template as a base. Like all modern websites, it is also optimised for mobile and has been tested on modern browsers.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Pretty Content – seamless, easy, creative. We love our new site – it captures us perfectly.”

Isla Wilson — Director, Ruby Star Associates