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About Ultimately Better

Ultimately Better is a micro-agency based in Shropshire, England. Its founder, managing director, and lead developer is my longtime friend, Jem Turner. We’ve worked on a few projects together, so when Jem asked if I’d do the branding for Ultimately Better, I was delighted.

Brand for Ultimately Better

Era of influence

The inspiration for the Ultimately Better logo comes from neon signs which were at their peak in from the 1920s until after World War 2, and have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in more recent years (although without all the gases flowing through them, of course!) 

The typography uses the timeless font P22 Underground, adapted from the font Johnston, which was created for the London Underground in 1913. 


Process and concepts

Jem’s original branding as a sole trader was used as the foundation for this new era. We stuck with the bold shades of red, hot pink, electric purple, and dark blue. The logo is loosely inspired by neon lights, with letters seamlessly blending into each other to connect each word in the name.

I also helped Jem out with a few images to help kick start the Ultimately Better Instagram account. They play off the brand pillars that I had established in the strategy report for UB – as Jem is a professional with many years of experience, we’re all about education and best practices.

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