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The Brand

Vikki is a gaming journalist and gamer who came to me with very little definition when it came to her brand. She was working with a series of assets that had been created at different phases over the years. She needed a cohesive brand strategy and identity that married the different assets of her work and personality.

To kick off, Vikki and I worked together on a discovery phase. We explored questions around her audience, writing, and reputation. Through this, we established that Vikki’s brand should reflect her emotive and mature writing while feeling at home in the games space.

We established three core brand values: honesty, connection, and quality. These values are the base of what Vikki provides for her audience and editors: trustworthy content from an experienced, relatable professional.

We also explored areas of competition, her place in gaming communities, content pillars and the sustainability of her brand. All of our findings were consolidated into a detailed brand strategy report which we could use to inform our decisions when moulding the visuals of the branding identity.

I created a striking, yet sophisticated, colour palette consisting of blue and teal and a strong, orange anchor, inspired by a favourite piece of artwork of Vikki’s. This was applied to several logo concepts. Some played up the writing side of her profession while the chosen concept paid homage to the gaming side.

Logo concepts

Alongside the brand identity, I created 2 assets so Vikki could hit the ground running as she began to implement the identity across her platforms. Firstly was a Google Docs template, allowing her to brand writing pitches and submissions. The second was a series of video cards to use when streaming on Twitch. These were provided as Photoshop files that she could edit as required.

The Website

A few months after completing the branding, Vikki got back in touch to talk about her website. Her previous website had been designed in the 2010s and had a bit of a “scrapbook” feel. I took this concept and brought it into the 2020s – lots of hand drawn and layered elements, but with a modern and trendy design.

The site is a single-page portfolio where Vixx can share featured pieces that she’s written, and where visitors can learn more about her, and get in contact. It’s a centralised hub for all things related to Vixx’s video game journalism career.

Bold colour blocking makes the site exciting and alludes to vivid colours and imagery often found in video game art, while maintaining the sophisticated feel of Vixx’s brand.

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