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Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms

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About Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms

Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms is a flower grower based in the hills of Shropshire, England. A lifelong dream project of owner, Clare, Wall Flowers was founded in 2020. Looking ahead to the beginning of their second year, they were undertaking a large website creation project. However, they had not yet planted the seeds of their branding! 

Brand for Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms

Era of influence

The branding for Wall Flowers is inspired by timeless elegance. Think of the mist rolling over the fields on a crisp morning, slowly wandering through the fields in full bloom, snipping a flower here and there until you’ve built the most beautiful bouquet for your bedroom.

Process and concepts

I was recommended to Wall Flowers to get them started on their brand journey – and it was a great fit! The stage where they were in their business made it a fantastic time to talk brand. They were established enough that they knew what they wanted their brand to say to their audience, but new enough to be essentially a blank canvas.

The colour palette consists of hues inspired by soft fabrics and nature.

Wall Flowers supplies flowers for local florists and floral designers, for weddings and other events, so the brand needed to appeal to these professionals. They also hold floral-themed events and are the only pick your own flower field in Shropshire. Alongside the brand visual identity, I created a series of printable cards that could be used for general purposes and as gift vouchers for on-site events like the Pickity Pick Floral Experience.

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work alongside Aisling Brock who owns and runs [Pretty Content]. She is a hugely talented, articulate and intelligent professional who took the excited ramblings of a flower crazed grower and turned them into something really rather glorious- naturally glorious in fact! … I completely love everything Aisling has cleverly designed for us and I hope you do also. Thank you Aisling, it’s been my absolute pleasure to work with you.”

Clare Greener — Wall Flowers Seasonal Blooms