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Brand & web design for modern businesses with timeless style.

A great brand and online experience can be what makes or breaks a business, both in terms of delighting audiences (and potential clients), and when it comes to your own mindset.

Together, we will build a vision and identity for your brand that will not only impress your ideal customers but enhance how you feel about your business or project. Pretty Content clients have told me how their new branding and website have made them feel more focused, driven and confident in themselves and their business.

More Than a Pretty Face Branding Suite

Without high quality branding, it's very tricky to make a good first impression. Your branding is the first thing your audience will see, and it's what they will use to make a snap judgment about your business. But branding is more than just a pretty face. It's a complete package consisting of research into your market, your values, and your ideal audience's needs. Together we will craft a brand that ticks all of these boxes, and looks great while doing it.

  • Brand strategy & handbook
  • Logos & additional brand graphics
  • Colour palette & typography guide
  • Social & email marketing templates

Investment: £1085
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Your Memorable Space Custom Website

A centralised online experience is the key to any 21st century brand. Your website is the hub of your business — the one place online where you are in complete control. Don't settle for a generic template with your logo squished into the header. Take advantage of the opportunity to craft a space that is completely unique to you and your brand.

  • Website design & build
  • Built on WordPress or Squarespace
  • Up to 5 custom page designs
  • Looks great on desktop and mobile
  • Review to make sure content is effective, user-friendly & optimised for search
  • Onboarding video
  • Free email support for 3 months after launch

Investment: £2250
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

Note: you must have existing branding to book this package.

Your Heart's Content Brand & Website Bundle

It's a truth universally acknowledged that audiences crave consistency and experiences that feel completely catered to their wants and desires. This can be tricky to accomplish when working with different designers for branding and your website, respectfully.

That's why I wholeheartedly recommend working together on both your brand and website. Using this method, we can ensure that what we create is cohesive and seamless across all platforms and mediums. We can make tweaks throughout the process to craft a completely tailored experience.

  • Everything in the More Than A Pretty Face branding suite
  • Everything in the Your Memorable Space website package
  • Free video call onboarding
  • Free email support for 12 months after launch

Investment: £3135
Timeline: 8-12 weeks

Plus, you save £200 when you book this as a bundle, compared to booking individually. Not too shabby.

Content is Queen

A pretty website without amazing content isn’t going to make a splash. (Pretty Content.... get it?)

I believe in the power of fantastic content design, so I design to enhance your content rather than squeezing your content to fit my design.

Together we can analyse your existing content, and provide suggestions to ensure optimum focus, usability and impact for your audience.

Everyone will love your brand for its body and its mind!

À la Carte

If you’re after something that doesn’t quite fit with my standard packages, such as ecommerce, memberships, and courses, I am more than happy to put together a custom quote for your new website design & development project!

Not sure what you need? Book a review of your existing website!

Need a UX consultant? Contact me to discuss.