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Your brand renaissance
is about to begin.

Costume design icon Edith Head told us “you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

And, okay, maybe it’s not as simple as that.

But I have worked with enough people to say that working on their branding or website helped with a big shift in their mindsets as business owners.

Think about it: our businesses only survive if we’re shouting about what we do. And that can be hard enough to do with a brand and website you love.

What happens when your brand and website aren’t the loves of your business life? You might pull back from shouting about them.

Suddenly, instead of showing up as the passionate creator you are, you’re reaching for your grey sweatshirt and trying to blend in. Don’t get me wrong, the grey sweatshirt is great – it’s comfortable and dependable.

But it’s not the life you want for your business.

It’s time to create a brand that you want to wear every day. Step out and feel pretty.

Signature Package

Your Heart’s Content

Vintage-Inspired Brand, Content & Web Design Bundle

From over a decade of working with independent brands, I have crafted the perfect package for businesses and creatives who are ready to make the most of a holistic brand and web strategy with a vintage-inspired design twist. My signature package focuses on three key elements: strategy, identity, and functionality.

Your brand strategy will focus on your values and the language you use to effectively connect with your target audience. We will create content for your website that you can also use across your other main touchpoints for a unified message. Identity will bring this to life visually with unique, memorable vintage-inspired branding. And functionality will create a stunning, user-friendly and accessible online hub for your business or creative project – a website that seamlessly combines all of the above into your online home.

More than
Just a Pretty Face

Branding Suite & Strategy

Without high-quality branding, it’s very tricky to make a good first impression. Your branding is the first thing your audience will see, and they will use it to make a snap judgment about your business.

But branding is more than just a pretty face. It’s a complete package consisting of research into your market, your values, and your ideal audience’s needs.

Together we will craft a brand that ticks all of these boxes, and looks gorgeous, darling!

  • Brand strategy, showing you how to best use your brand to build and connect with your target audience
  • Logos for all occasions – primary, secondary and icon
  • Brand graphics to add personal touches everywhere you show up
  • Colour palette to reinforce your brand wherever you go
  • Typography guide to reference when designing documents
  • Social & email marketing templates to show everyone your pretty face

Your Memorable Space

Custom Website & Content Design

A centralised online experience is key to any 21st-century brand. Your website is the hub of your business — the one place online where you are in complete control.

Don’t settle for a generic template with your logo squished into the header. Take advantage of the opportunity to craft a space that is entirely unique to you and your brand.

Ensure your messaging and content is effective, user-friendly, and optimized for search with my templates and guidance. I will help you craft content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly, so you can maximize your reach and impact.

  • Custom website design, bursting with your brand’s personality
  • Guidance to make sure your messaging and content are effective, user-friendly & optimised for search
  • Built on WordPress or Squarespace – and easy to edit!
  • Up to 5 custom page designs
  • Looks great on desktop and mobile (of course)
  • Designed and built with inclusivity in mind – making it accessible to all!
  • Onboarding video for whenever you need s refresh
  • Free email support for 3 months after launch

Investment: £3300 £3000*
Timeline: 12 weeks

*That’s right, there’s a cheeky discount if you book this bundle, rather than booking separately.

More than
Just a Pretty Face

My premium vintage-inspired branding suite and strategy package, as shown above!

Investment: £1500
Timeline: 6-8 weeks

Your Memorable Space

My premium website package, as shown above! Please note, you will need existing branding to book this package.

Investment: £1800
Timeline: 8-10 weeks

Just a Pretty Face

Just the essentials for creating a custom, vintage-inspired brand! Get your logo, colour palette, and typography guide to kickstart your journey. With these essential elements, you can start to create a memorable and recognizable brand.

Investment: £800
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

A Cosy Place

A simple website made up of a home page and inner page design, so you can start building your own little online hub for your services. Start creating connections so your audience knows where to find you when your favourite social media platform is down! Please note, you will need existing branding to book this package.

Investment: £1200
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

À La Carte

If you’re after something that doesn’t quite fit with my standard packages, such as e-commerce, memberships, and courses, I’d be delighted to put together a custom quote for your new website design & development project!

Not sure what you need?

Book a user experience review of your current website. I will show you where you can make improvements, giving you clarity on what needs to be done!

Need a UX consultant? Contact me to discuss.

So, when do we start?

There are now more ways that we can work together than ever before! But I only take on a select number of projects per year – I’m only one human after all – so it’s best to book as soon as possible!

I’m happy to schedule your project in advance for any point in 2023 – so we can be sure we get the chance to collaborate!

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We’re just one step away from building your dream brand, website… or both!

It’s time to let it all out: your plans, your hopes, your fears. Over the next few weeks, we will be working closely together to solve problems, create magic, and craft experiences to delight your audience.

Are you excited? I’m excited.